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Player: Pedro
Contact Information:
elpedrososama@gmail.com [plurk.com profile] elpedrososama

Age: 19
Wish: "I want to be the me from Wonderland."
Result: Alice, no longer in her own world, now looks and has the strength and dexterity of her idealized self in Wonderland: her hair is longer, her skin is not pasty, and she's self assured enough to move with confidence in this world.
Weapon: The Vorpal Blade. See poem "the Jabberwocky".
Outfit:  photo alice2.jpg


» Passive power- Limited Teleportation- Can move from one location to another in rapid bursts, leaving a flurry of butterflies behind her as she goes. Cannot teleport long distances
» Active Power - Hysteria Mode- A limit break of sorts, Alice lets out a scream, her hair goes wild, blood pours from her eyes and she turns completely white. This mode basically heightens the strength of her attack immensely for a short period of time. It's main drawback is it leaves her substantially weakened after the attack and in that mode, anyone in her way is attacked, for OR friend.


Violence, forth walling, backtagging are all fine and encouraged! Shipping, however, is something that would come slow, as Alice is very seldom one to let just anyone into her "world."
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Player name: Pedro
Contact info: elpedrososama@gmail, Plurk and AIM
Other characters currently played: none

Character name: Alice Liddle

Age: 19

Canon: American Mcgee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns

Canonpoint: Right after the creation of "Londerland"

Background: This is needed, as her story includes the actual books, and you can skip that so you can get to her during the first two games.


Alice is on a quest to pull herself together.

With all the events that have transpired between regaining her sanity and returning to London, she has lived a muted, fragile existence. She cut herself off from others, becoming cold and embittered, yet was still fragile and scared and unable to do much until she was brought back into the fragmented mental landscape that was her Wonderland yet again, delving into the truth of what happened to her life the night of the fire and the events that came after. The result was her own life and her stronger Wonderland persona enabling her to finally do away with the very man who not only ruined her life but countless others. At the end of the game, her future in uncertain, and what she will do next plays into the next decision she makes when she encounters Kyuubi.

Alice is twenty and has seen and been through things straight out of her own nightmares. It has made her cold, brash, and cynical when it comes to society and all that it encompasses. She has seen both the tyranny of the Queen of Hearts, the chaos of the train, and the indifference of people who live and die in her own world. While Alice can be cordial, it will not take much for her to snap back into her severe outlook of how people can easily discard others they deem inferior. This, of course, is Alice back in her world of London. In a new world, she will naturally be curious about everything, keeping up her guard but still showing, in instances, the ghost of the curious girl who stepped into Wonderland and through the Looking Glass those years ago, straining to make reason and purpose out of nonsense.

In social circles, Alice will choose her words carefully and not give much away, though if challenged, she is likely to refute with a stinging reply, a joke with wit or an observation. She is still adjusting to the concept of being around others, and not being met with disregard or ridicule will be something of an adjustment. Alice can be cruel, but she doesn't need to be, and she can be dour, but unlike her dulled personality back home, she feels she can speak freely again, and will do so when the urge strikes her.

At her heart though, Alice knows what it’s like to be a victim, and has been said to have a hero’s complex despite the hopelessness of her world. She kills when it’s needed, and if you doubt that, you need only look into the young woman's eyes. There is a moment where the fear of repercussion is gone, where logic has died (as it tends to do) and action is required. Here, Alice from Wonderland steps in, and she withstands what she needs to. There is even a part of her that enjoys it.

Alice will tend to enjoy the quieter things, like having tea and walking by herself for a while, no matter what activity she indulges in. She is still a curious girl, open to the new things around her, and does still embody the girl who first stepped into Wonderland so many years ago. At her core, Alice knows her truest enemy has always been her mind, and the quest to finally reconcile her pain and torment will likely be a long lasting one. She will still struggle with her inadequacies, and will be very selective about who she talks to, even if they mean well.

Wish: "If you can grant me any wish, within reason, I know what it is I want. I want to stay the me from Wonderland, strong and unyielding."

Alice wants to be her Wonderland self, truly, the part of her that’s only been in her head until recently, where she finally did away with the true defiler of her memories. That Alice was able to move through the place she created long ago and construct new ones based on the memories that stuck out to her in her past. This is the idealized part of herself that slew a thousand monsters, including the Jabberwock, the executioner and the queen herself. She wants to be Alice of Wonderland, swift and quick and decisive, not the girl that came from the orphanage, pale and weak and at the mercy of others.

The end result of that wish is that Alice looks like her idealized self: her skin is flush, she has long black hair, piercing green eyes rather than her dull ones, and the strength she only possessed in her mindscape. The downside to this, of course, is that she still has all of her memories. Becoming her better self does not change the mental damage she still suffers from.

Passive ability & Active ability: One thing that can be said about Alice’s ability in Wonderland is her marksmanship: she is a killer with her weaponry. When she goes for the kill, her mind is clear and she is in the moment. Every move is life and death, and there is both a delicacy and a rush of familiarity in it. Alice’s mind is at her clearest when she’s doing “work.”

Her passive ability is her ability of limited teleportation. Alice can move from one spot to another in short bursts (with blue butterflies, IDKW), but they aren’t very far from each other, just enough to avoid immediate danger. So if it were something like a long or short ranged projectile, Alice can avoid this easily (provided her attacker is not moving at super speed) but something like an explosion would be much harder to escape from, and would likely only get Alice far enough away to avoid an immediate blast, but not the shrapnel as a result. This is related directly to what she wanted: the ability to leave her old, weaker self behind so she could become the "better" version of herself. The flaw in this reasoning, and in the ability itself, is that she cannot leave that part of her behind. The butterflies are proof that this is merely an illusion, and that even WITH her newfound strength, she is still leaving clues of her journey behind, much like her personality.

Alice’s active ability is an even bigger curse as it is a blessing, and a reflection of the limitation of her wish and its wording. Alice can go into Hysteria mode, where she screams, blood spurts from her eyes, she turns white and her attacks come much more fiercely than they would regularly. This attack comes at a price: Alice is extremely vulnerable when she comes out of that state, so she would be significantly weakened than she would if she were regularly fighting. The other handicap is when she’s in this mode ANYTHING in her way is up for attack, friend or foe. This attack is essentially callings the dogs of war down on the surrounding area in a metaphorical sense: Alice foregoes sanity and reason for insanity and crushing power. It is for this reason that Alice will likely opt to use the strength and dexterity that came with her wish, opting for hysteria as a last resort.

It is, again, the limitation of the wish: that strength and agility from a wish is a farce and cannot make up for mental instability, hence why Alice's attack effectively blinds her to anyone or anything she might care about.

Weapon: Only one weapon could Alice truly never be parted with: the Vorpal Blade. It is the first weapon she receives in both games, and is a possession Alice would never be parted from. It is remarkable from a regular knife as it is extremely sharp and has a very ornate handle.


It was a wish.

Simple, to the point. One could even speculate that it was made even easier than the decisions she had to make back home. However, vagueness had become to be something Alice was suspicious of. After all, she had spent several long, horrific years in an asylum: words and implications could mean anything. This was her way out, though it was clear to her that whatever happened next would be her own doing, and she had to be prepared. She had to be strong enough to weather it now, to take what was hers, stand on her feet, and flee the person she was in London. Here, she was crazy Alice, the Liddle gone ‘round the bend because her family died, the lost young lady who nearly could have been another common whore on the street were it not for the kindness of people like Nurse Witless and Bumby, all monsters in their own right.
If she were going to live any life, she knew what her wish had to be.

“I wish,” she said, “to be the Alice of Wonderland, to cease the weak life of Alice Liddell in London. The Alice of Wonderland knows her Vorpal blade well, punishes the wicked, and goes about her business. If you can manage this, I will gladly go with you, and leave this place forever. It means little to me anyway.”

Like a flash, London was gone, and Alice found that she felt nothing for the place. It had held all the worse memories that were current, and the good ones had seemed little more than something out of a dream.

Oh, she might miss Nan, and she would wish the children in the orphanage well, but what could you make from a life of drudgery and being pimped? She would have wasted there, either in some sad job as a maid, or been one of Nan’s friends in her profession. Alice did not have the countenance to be social, and the idea of anyone touching her, let alone like that, was so repulsive she couldn’t begin to imagine it. Choosing this, at least, was choosing life.

And once she touched cobblestone, she smiled. This place was unfamiliar, but not dirty or dingy. In the distance she could see people mulling about, minding their business, and rows of houses. The noise was bearable, nothing like the leering shouts of the vagabond or the guttural impatience of the swell anxious to get away from mingling with the filth. People seemed like people here, and though they were dressed altogether strangely, she would learn soon enough the ways of them here. So it was anytime she walked Wonderland, the looking glass lands, and, recently, the chaos left behind by the train.
Best of all, she didn’t feel sickly, her eyes were not bloodshot, and she could feel a warmth in her body she had not felt in a very long time.

“Right then,” she said. “I suppose it will not be long before my new plight makes itself known. A new world, new things to see and likely more odd folk to encounter. I best get settled about now. Who to ask, I wonder?”


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